BR 800

We can now announce with confidence that our long-range system BR800 is a device of 2012 with no competitor

Characteristics of the device:

BR 800 is the upgraded version of the wonderful BR600 were provided with filters to purify and clarify signals 100%, able to penetrate up to depths of 50 meters. ability to detect targets in any whether.. from natural gold, caves and burials beneath the surface of the Earth up to 1500 meters in a circular motion.

Components of the device:

This device has a detection software for the following items
Gold - Silver - Copper - Bronze - Iron - Lead - Aluminum - Diamond - Emerald - underground water
available device languages: English and many other languages.

The main unit and contains all the keys of control and calibration. its also contains the main LCD touch screen of the device which displays the results
Identify and measure the depth of the target plus Molecular vibration frequency detector of 400 MHz, allowing you to get very accurate results.
Measure the depth of the targets gives additional major advantage of this device compared with other systems. Can also do within a very short time a large area survey to detect gold and caves
Control Panel is really comfortable and practical.
Battery: AA type of the 5-volt.
Rechargeable battery 9.6 volt power

User Guide

BR800 is the molecular frequency detector

Provider receiver to clear the surrounding area in the event of an electrostatic or electromagnetic fields around the preformed metal burial for several years and that the two antennas connected to the master device directly
Gold revealed:
Is opened detection software gold, and the development of antennas Monday situation parallel and balanced so that they remain free to move and start about the device by carrying antennas circle with a radius of 3 meters away from the device if you are within the range of signals and signs that indicate the presence of gold within the target is closed. We walk towards the target is buried, while the signal line indicates the opposite direction in the case of exit from the target area, then the direction you are heading referring to the signal line, so there decussating of the full and equal access to the two antennas at the target area.
It also features this device features  and equipped to validate the target and determine the type of target burials, as well as methods for processors and packaging surrounding the target using a set of three filters. In this way, is to reduce the proportion of the line. Intention here (a wooden box sealed - with insulation materials Reserved Example - asphalt - plastic -
Metal filters equipped with high-tech device is also able to avoid any errors when scanning areas.
Important Note: This device can detect ground water to depths of up to 200 meters below the earth's surface and lower resistance to soil where groundwater is available, allowing for penetration depths up to 200 meters with the possibility of determining the depth.

Price: 7000$
Limited time offer : 5000$

Made in U.S.A


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